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Bag Bistro’s first pop-up store is officially open at 41 Beach Road, in the inner city of Singapore. The exclusive partnership with Manicurious, a gourmet café and luxury nail spa, offers an iconic, multi-sensorial retail experience to the city’s most fashion literate clientele.
The cosy boudoir allows one to sip, shop and enjoy a nail pampering service in this high ceiling, loft-like, elegant yet welcoming store to experience the season’s spectrum of trends from coveted designer labels.

With plans underway to refresh its shelves seasonally, along with bi-annual display updates, Bag Bistro aims to keep its inventory of bags and accessories on-trend. Special promotions and periodic specials from Manicurious for Bag Bistro customers will also be planned, and shoppers can also look forward to exclusive nail art inspired by the season’s collections in the near future.

We are located at 41 Beach Road, Mondays to Saturdays 11am – 9m


JULY 2013

Toting the latest season bag but being caught with chipped nails or grotty nail polish is a huge faux pas, not just in the beauty but fashion department as well! The care and attention we put to our nails speak volumes and you may be carrying the latest IT bag but having out-of-style, schleppy nails (unless it’s the trend which we do not subscribe to at all) just ain’t cool!

Manicurious, situated along 41 beach road, is known for coming up with the hippest and coolest nail art and a favorite haunt for fashionistas where you’ll occasionally spot a recognisable group of savvy, sophisticated socialites, getting their nails done before the big benefit gala.

If you haven’t thought of getting a nail art to match your handbag, let’s delve into the secrets of red carpet nails and see what these experts have come up with to match the latest season IT bags from Bag Bistro. For those who love the look, walk in to Manicurious today and ask for the “Bag Bistro nail art” and we guarantee you’ll get the rest of the girls swooning with envy.



APRIL 2013

Spring is finally here! This season’s all about comfort and liberation, from slouchy shorts to comfy sneakers. Say what? Mm-hm, sneakers - in all varying styles and hues. Unless you’re hitting the gym or uber cool like Phoebe Philo, it’s a look that’s been traditionally frowned upon by fashionistas. Well, not till they were seen on A-listers and trend-setters, strutting around the upper east side, looking effortlessly chic.

The Isabel Marant wedge sneakers have now become a Must-Have “IT” footwear, like how the Celine Luggage have robbed women around the world of their sanity a few seasons ago. Well ladies, before you go on a web-hunt for these Isabel Marant high-top sneakers (good luck in finding them!) do know that the fashion mainstreamers have jumped on the athletic bandwagon and there are plenty of hot variations out there.

Pair them with skinny jeans or leggings and a feminine top for a sophisticated grunge look or go with shorts or a dress with a leather jacket to give it some urban edge. Most importantly, match it with the right bag and it’ll make you a crowd-pleasing spectacle.




It’s Christmas again! Time to open up our wish lists and think hard. So who’s been naughty or nice or just plain ol’ boring? Bag Bistro speaks with some of Singapore’s Santa-loving women who can’t wait for their perfect Christmas gifts under the big tree. And gives them some ideas on the perfect bag that these women shouldn’t do without in 2013.

Lavinia Tan - DJ-Producer of Lush 99.5FM and a superbly good girl.

“Two things you should know about me Santa - one, I do like to cook and bake and two, I adore the retro look but combined with modern technology and conveniences…This range cooker is one sexy beast. It has an updated retro look and plenty of modern-tech bells and whistles for me to make anything in the kitchen. I'm old-school in the sense that I much prefer cooking with gas, so this will do the trick.”

On her wish list: SMEG Victoria Range Cooker
Bag Bistro recommends: 
Stella McCartney Three Chain Falabella Shoulder Bag in GOLD  for the domestic goddess who wants to look like a glamourpuss with their finger in the Christmas pudding.

 Sara Ann K - Journalist and a chic techy chick

“One of the perfect gifts I've received was goats. It was something my sister introduced to me and I think one of the most meaningful gifts ever via’s gift-as-donation catalog. These donations actually go to families out there who need help. So guess what all of of us received under the proverbial tree - chickens, goats, cows, and even sacks of rice as presents for christmas, which in turn greatly helped families in third world countries. I think that possibly was one of the most perfect gifts I've ever received.”

On her wish list: A new cell phone DSLR and video camera to call her own.
Bag Bistro recommends:
Valentino Rock Stud in FUSCHIA for the street style maven who is a travel buff and has a penchant for all things digital and shiny.

Gidania Wong - Head PR of The Media Ministry and luxury bag aficionado

“This Christmas, I'd love to have a Givenchy Pandora or Antigona. It'll be a perfect addition to my bag collection as I love the chic-factor and versatility of both designs. I've my eyes set on either a bright red or an olive green bag which will go oh-so-well with all my outfits. Very Christmasy indeed!”

On her wish list: Givenchy Pandora or Givenchy Antigona
Bag Bistro recommends:
Givenchy Pandora in RED for the publicist on the go who loves living it luxe wherever she goes.

Linda Teo - Managing Director of Cal-Carries Models International and arguably the best Peranakan home-cook

“My perfect Christmas gift this year is to have the time to share love & happiness especially with my friends and loved ones.”

On her wish list: Precious Time
Bag Bistro recommends: Fendi 2Jours in YELLOW for the super career woman who demands the best in her home life and for the ones she holds dear.